Socialite produces precious fitness bracelets

Socialite produces precious fitness bracelets

The idea to combine jewelry making and wearable gadgets – is not new. This deals with several companies, including Intel. Who wearable electronics market class “luxury” and the company is going to get Socialite, offering a number of precious fitness bracelets made of precious metals.

What is precious fitness bracelets?

Rather, the basis for the precious fitness bracelets is brass which is covered with 18-carat gold or rhodium. And he and the other option priced at $ 299.95.

The developers believe that these people will buy Soup for which is important both style and modern technology. This device is not afraid of water and shock. The gadget works on the standard scheme: to be held to pair your phone with the device, after which the last vibration informs the user of upcoming events, coming to a smartphone messages, progress in training.

Touching a particular zone bracelet starts sending user coordinate at the specified address. Getting lost, or were in a difficult situation, a person can call for help. The gadget is compatible with Android, and iOS.

Pre-order a trendy precious fitness bracelets can be made directly on the site WiseWear.

Source: wisewear

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