Mondaine Helvetica 1 - Smart Watches Swiss

Mondaine Helvetica 1 – Smart Watches Swiss

The regiment arrived wearable devices. I have started taking pre-orders for Mondaine Helvetica 1 – smart watches Swiss. However, the gadget is markedly different from the competition.

The fact that no device touchscreen. Only regular analog dial. More precisely, there are two – primary and secondary, showing the main indicators. A real gift for fans of the classic design.

The main of smart watches Swiss

To view the collected statistics used to “bind” the phone. Chronometer supports all devices based on iOS and Android. There is a corresponding application companion.

Mondaine Helvetica 1 - Smart Watches Swiss

Most fans will like the product of a healthy lifestyle. The device can not display the notice and does not respond to calls. But exemplary records physical activity.

Mondaine Helvetica 1 smart watches Swiss – a good replacement for the fitness tracker. The clock count made steps calories burned, monitor the quality of sleep, and so on.

Those who are interested in the model – should hurry. The offer is very limited. Released just chronometers 1957 – for the anniversary of the famous font “Helvetica.”

The price of smart watches Swiss is 850 US dollars.

Source: techtimes

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