Microsoft’s financial results were affected due to write off the cost tablet Surface RT

Microsoft has released the results of its financial activities for the previous quarter (it is the fourth quarter of fiscal 2013 for the Company) and the entire fiscal year.

Microsoft fixed the total income in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2013 of $ 19.896 billion, up 10% from the same period last year. Operating profit and earnings per share were $ 6.073 billion and $ 0.59, respectively. Recall, in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2012 was recorded loss. For the full fiscal 2013, Microsoft had revenues of $ 77.849 billion increase compared with fiscal year 2012 amounted to 6%. Operating profit amounted during the year $ 26.764 billion (+23%), and earnings per share – $ 2.58 (29%). It is noted that such a significant increase in income was due to the fact that in 2012 in the financial statements was recorded write-off purchase of aQuantive. It was a non-cash write-off, but was estimated at $ 6.19 billion, which resulted in the understatement of financial results of the period.

In general, Microsoft demonstrated a fairly positive results of financial and economic activity. However, analysts were expecting a more impressive data. There was some loss of revenue due to lower demand for computers, and therefore – the decline in sales associated software. It should also be noted that the figures in the financial statements debit of $ 900 million related to the adjustment of the value of stocks tablet Surface RT. Recall the recent Microsoft has lowered the price of the plates Surface RT.

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