Microsoft has told how she was able to improve Kinect

A new generation of sensor Kinect, which the Redmond company considers its trump card in the game console market, compared to its predecessor, has made a great leap forward, not only on the part of the hardware characteristics, but also with respect to functionality. To make this leap of the research division of Microsoft and the development team Architecture and Silicon Management (ASM) had to put a lot of effort, according to Engadget.

In the process of addressing the major shortcomings of the first generation of Kinect and add the required functionality in the way Microsoft specialists and ASM met a lot of “gotchas.” As an example, consider an updated Wide Angle Camera, which allows you to use Kinect 2 in a spacious living room. Expanding the field of view of the lens, developers are faced with a major problem – the sensor was bad recognize the small details such as the user’s finger or lip movement.

Currently, Microsoft has shared a video that shows the main features of the sensor Kinect 2 – namely, the impeccable accuracy of perception of details and colors, wide field of view, eliminating unnecessary lighting technology and the ability to handle 6.5 million pixels per second.

The software giant is making a big bet on the Kinect 2, and it seems that the camera is based on the principle of measuring the “time of flight” of light (time-of-flight, TOF), is its core.

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