Microsoft: Xbox One will work without Kinect

Microsoft plans to sell up to 1 billion consoles Xbox One It is now known that the game console Xbox One can work even when disconnected sensor Kinect. This is IGN said chief engineer Marc Whitten, Xbox One (Marc Whitten).

On the question of how to work the console Xbox One Kinect sensor if accidentally dropped on the floor and broken, Mr. Whitten replied as follows:

“Usually, as well as online, but users will not be able to use features and the benefits that have been designed specifically for the Kinect».

Marc Whitten also said that users are provided a flexible adjustment of Kinect, including its complete shutdown. To do this in the settings of Xbox One special mode.

“In this mode, the information of any kind is untouchable for the sensor”.

Recall that immediately after the presentation of Xbox One, Microsoft has announced that for the console will definitely need the included Kinect. Recall that the elimination of mandatory connection Kinect is not the first change in the policy of the software giant. In the past, Microsoft has canceled a mandatory condition for access to the Internet.

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