iPad and iPad mini: What lies around the corner?


Let’s fantasize about the future of tablets with the apple on the cover. Now is the time for this, given the rumors about the second autumn Keynote on October 15. In these reflections is to immediately identify the two main thesis: «iPad mini longer seem budget option and eventually cannibalize sales of big brother” and “Perhaps the new Ipad will show us next year.” If these statements cause you only resentment and categorical denial, feel free to close this topic and move on to other news, our resource. To those who remain, will share some facts and conjectures that can help figure out what can give Apple a surprise this time.

Turn around and let ourselves mentally travel back to the year before, in a warm and rainy autumn niskolechko not 2012. In October, there was no doubt the emergence of “black sheep” in the noble family of devices from Cupertino , and the fingers were few journalists or bloggers who were favorably disposed to the iPad mini. Therefore, the presentation on October 23 all perceived as a necessary evil when it comes to the representation of the new tablet. In no way do not want to say anything bad about the release of brand new iMac and other devices. Imagine the surprise of the audience when we, void sumnyashesya provide updated iPad 3 in the form of a new terminal, the processor and the wireless module! Let’s be honest with each other: this move was forced. I can not believe that in the spring of Tim Cook, representing the third generation of the tablet, he thought, “Well, no, you are now paying for the Retina, and then we denezhek of you still pull out a half-year, is not going anywhere.” Obviously, the card companies just confused the desire by all means pack Super clear display format iPad, although the graphics subsystem processor A5X not cope with it as well as on the iPhone. Of course, most welcome here came the transition to Lightning – an acceptable excuse premature presentation of iPad 4.


However, in fairness, it is worth noting how quickly everyone forgot about it, being involved in the mass movement on the theme “We despised the iPad mini prior to October 23, Apple, forgive us, give me two!”. No other such radical change of opinion about any product before-after I can not remember. By the new year has already come to terms with all the “terrible” resolution and ran into the store begging sellers to find somewhere lying around the box with the coveted gadget. And over all mean? Meanwhile, the company reports began to write one column iPad on both devices, so as not to confuse investors once again. But anyone interested in it became obvious that the younger brother takes away a major share of the market from the older, no matter how much there is not Tim Cook said in an interview about how Apple products are unique lack of cannibalizing sales from each other. Many times I’ve read stories about how big the tablet was thrown out of power in the farthest corner of the room and did not reach them for weeks – so it was nice to keep the weightless 7.9 inches in his hands. The only complaint of a lack of notorious Retina is the last obstacle to the mass conversion to iPad mini, and there is every reason to believe that now, and it will be eliminated in the next generation tablet.

“So what?” – A reasonable question. I’ll try to answer. Can you imagine “apple” tablet with a Retina-display, sensor, Touch ID, gold case (the latter seems to be no one doubts) for 329 dollars? I – no. It is simply impossible, and the author is willing to eat their own hat, figuratively speaking, if it happens. Options to maneuver the company a bit. Leave the screen before – thank you, it’s absurd, you do not want to even discuss. Do not paint the body in a golden color – Asians never forgive. Leave a sensor Touch ID exclusive to the iPhone 5s – is debatable. From myself would suggest two options: either the new Ipad to go on sale without it, to keep the exclusivity of the “killer features,” only to increase sales of its flagship smartphone the U.S., or the presentation of the next generation of tablets should not be held in October, and in early 2014 . At first glance, this is pure fantasy, but judge for yourself, so you can really kill all the birds with one stone. And sell the right amount of iPhones (fueling interest in them by gradually emerging opportunities fingerprint scanner), and make a chic statement for the 2nd quarter of the spring (due to the huge sales just emerged Ipad) and does not take away precious public attention from the new MacBookPro Retina. Such prospects are looming about timing. But what about the cost? In this aspect, everything is quite unclear and vague. It seems to be even keep the bar in the 300 with a bit of dollars very seriously and put a price tag more expensive – so that the public does not, simply remember discontent after the presentation of iPhone 5s. Again, it all depends on the fact of inevitable cannibalization of older iPad, no matter how beautiful we did not show it.

Here is such a complicated tangle of problems and difficulties, now lying on the desk in front of Tim Cook and his team, and I have no doubt that they will take the right decision. The only question is whether it will be a “necessary evil”, or … well let dear reader will continue to discover this phrase. And, perhaps, will share their thoughts with others.

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