Lovers can not jailbreak iOS 7.0.6 update on

To everyone’s surprise last week came iOS 7.0.6. In anticipation of the March iOS 7.1 and no one could have predicted yield some more intermediate version. In Apple is also likely not planned, but found a serious security hole in the operating system, which should be closed immediately, which they did by releasing iOS 7.0.6. Upgrading is recommended to install each user iOS, but if for some reason you do not want to put it for you to have good news.

Hackers quickly enough released an update to break the new firmware. It is understandable, since iOS 7.0.6 was not aimed at the fight against jailbreak and does not carry any major changes. So even cracks can flash their devices, making them safer. However, the update process for iOS jailbreak fans has its own characteristics. If you have a Jailbreak, can not just click on the item in the settings and wait a few minutes. To update a jailbroken iPhone will need to make a backup, put the firmware using iTunes size almost 1.5 gigabytes for iPhone 5s, and then re-execute the procedure of breaking and restore all of your data.

It turns out that if you like the hacked iPhone, for software updates need to set aside a couple of hours sleep, if not take a day off if you plan on doing this for the first time. Not too pleasant prospect, especially for changes that do not change the feel of your device. Developer Ryan Petrich imbued problem jailbreakers made the transition to iOS 7.0.6 optional releasing tweak that fixes the problem without flashing with SSL. Now all you need to do – is to add to Cydia repository, find SSLPatch tweak and install it on your device.

As reported by colleagues from iDownloadBlog, the developer has won the trust and recommended tweak absolutely safe. Nevertheless, no matter how painful the process was not flashing, it is strongly recommend that you install iOS 7.0.6, which is definitely safer than any hacked firmware with any set of tweaks.

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