Satya Nadella, Microsoft, Code Conference

No longer need to learn foreign languages!

Satya Nadella, Microsoft, Code Conference

It is finished. Today, Skype rolled out a clear demonstration live simultaneous interpreter. Those who waited rejoice. Until the end of 2014 you will have another excuse to not teach foreign languages. What, how and how much? All inside!

Hundred years and three days have passed since, the idea of ​​translation as real-time voice chat buddies on Skype ripe in the minds of developers. I remember the theory we have discussed this idea with friends in the university. And today at the conference Re / code Code Conference CEO Microsoft cheerful Satya Nadella on the background of his own portrait and personal example has shown that this function is already running. It bears the simple but proud name Skype Translator.

Ten years of translators, developers and all the king’s men of Skype and Microsoft have created this project, polishing and training. Until the end of this year, each and every member of the program will be able to get this translator for diplomatic or educational conversations. Or personal. Or what will come up. Actually, to explain and decipher, and what is happening, I think, is not necessary. Pulley and so all demonstrates.

Even if you know English, Chinese, German and Latin, Skype supports 40 languages. Some of them you just one day come in handy. And this is now. I think over time they will be even more. Who knows, maybe your new friends speak Icelandic?

Already see the comments that the common man in a familiar environment such a thing is needed. Sorry, my friends, that we have so little travel the world and get to know people a little. If this function is to develop, her speech will be more lively, and the translation is always right, not so wonderful, as long as Word Lens, then the future of Skype Translator huge.

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