IPhone 5s enthusiasts checked for resistance to fire


There is little doubt that the iPhone 5s is a fire enclosure devices. However, the bloggers of TechRax decided to make sure that this is true. IPhone 5s were subjected to experiments in a gold case. They included on a smartphone record slo-mo, splashed gasoline on him and set on fire. A minute later put out the flames and watched what happened with the device.

Tellingly, within a few minutes after the end of the experiment iPhone 5s continued to work even after being submerged in water. Enthusiasts hope that they turn out to extract delayed video from the device memory. Unfortunately, after a few moments iPhone 5s stopped responding to clicks. And even connect your smartphone to your computer, they have not managed to extract valuable personnel.

In the following video you can see what’s going on with the Apple phones in a fire, and the behavior of the aluminum unibody-shell iPhone 5s in these situations.

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