iOS 8 uses 47% of Apple's devices

iOS 8 uses 47% of Apple’s devices

iOS 8 uses 47% of Apple's devices

According to the report, Apple’s support site developers, three weeks after the release of the new operating system iOS 8 is set to 47% of apple devices. It should be noted that two weeks ago, the figure was 46%, which shows the reluctance of users to switch to the new version.

It also reported that to date, 47% of users continue to use the iOS 7 and 6% work with earlier versions. According to experts, this situation is associated with many problems and bugs inherent iOS 8.

Recall that before the release of iOS all 8 enabled applications HealthKit were temporarily hidden from the App Store due to a serious bug in the new system. IOS 8.0.1 update was supposed to fix the problem, but eventually led to a complete cessation of the fingerprint Touch ID and loss of connection to the cellular network in the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

A day later update was released iOS 8.0.2, which corrected some errors, but it soon became known that the people began to lose all my documents from iCloud Drive during normal reset all settings on devices with iOS 8. Some users also complain about the Bluetooth , the slow speed of data exchange via Wi-Fi and reduced autonomy.

All this led to the fact that many people have decided not to update their iOS device 7 to a new version of the operating system. According to the report the research firm Mixpanel, last year for 20 days, 69.7% of users updated to iOS 7.

It is also worth noting that with the release of iOS 8.0.2 Apple stopped signing iOS 7.1.2, so revert to an older version after upgrading to iOS 8 longer. Despite this, the company continues to work on the bugs and the end of September released a beta version of iOS 8.1 for developers to solve the problem with the work which includes support for Bluetooth and payment system Apple Pay. The assurances of some sources, Apple is now simultaneously working on iOS 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3.

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