Hyperloop – the transport system of the future


About a month ago it was reported that Elon Musk, Tesla Motors and owner of SpaceX, is preparing to submit a draft of a new type of transport. Compared with the concept on which information was available 24gadget at the time, Hyperloop become much more elaborated the idea and published in the “alpha” design provides not only information about the operating principles, but also spelled out the various nuances, including all sorts of problems . Skeptics are actively discussing the various aspects of the transport system and also the general plan of fabulousness can not find the arguments against its creation, almost every aspect of Hyperloop conceived by its creator.



The idea of ​​the route length of 900 km Elon Musk was a protest against the construction of a prolonged and bloated to $ 60 billion high-speed railway budget of California High-Speed ​​Rail. Musk promised to prepare an alternative draft for a tenth of that amount. Hyperloop will be a straight steel pipe mounted on special supports, inside which move the capsule with a powerful turbine pumping rarefied air of the capsule, thereby lifting the bottom of the pipe in order to avoid friction. Acceleration and maintaining speed capsule will provide induction motors are located approximately every 100 km. The system will accelerate to a speed of 1,200 km / h, while the passengers will not experience high congestion. The entire system will produce energy through solar panels located on the outer surface transport pipes and is completely self-contained, spending a total of 21 MW of the estimated 57 MW.

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Look a video from russian roads: