Elon Musk will plan the transport system Hyperloop, but it is not going to create


Director General of notorious companies SpaceX and Tesla Motors Elon Musk (Elon Musk) admitted that the system of transportation Hyperloop, which in theory allows you to travel to almost the speed of sound is “extremely risky model.”

Mr. Musk during a conference call with investors Tesla Motors said:

I think I shot myself in the foot when he first mentioned the Hyperloop. In short, I’m torn.

In other words, all the time spent on SpaceX Elon and Tesla Motors, and on Hyperloop his remains. The project will still be presented on August 12, but create Hyperloop Musk is not going, he wants to give a chance to others to build a next-generation transport system. However, according to the mask, if not wanting to be found, in the near future, it will try to translate this idea into reality.


At the moment of Hyperloop not know a lot of facts, but there is a lot of guesswork. The above scheme, which was provided to the user by the name of John Hardy, Elon Musk said, “as a best guess at the moment.”

It describes a tube through which move the capsule. Thus capsules “pushed” by the accelerated air flow pipe, and both ends of the tube are special compartments for acceleration and deceleration capsules. It is unknown what exactly filled tube, as Musk assured that Hyperloop no vacuum.

As planned, the average speed capsules Hyperloop is about 1000 km / h, and the capsules during the acceleration, acceleration or deceleration is not more than 1G. Sensations are the same as in the ride vehicle.

Elon Musk had previously claimed that the cost of the system between two hypothetical points is about 10 percent of the cost of high-speed railway, and 25 percent of the cost of the highway. From this we can conclude that Hyperloop has no relation to the magnetic levitation train.

How does Elon wants to make the capsule to float in the air without resistance is not known. Perhaps this will be used acoustic levitation.

The reality is that today there is simply no technology that could translate this idea into a commercial product. Chances are that Elon Musk will present a draft Hyperloop, which will rely on unproven technology, rather than a detailed construction plan. Given the fact that Elon considers the project “highly speculative”, it can be assumed that even he does not know a reasonable time production Hyperloop.

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