HydraDeck adds 11 more ports for Apple MacBook

HydraDock adds 11 more ports for Apple MacBook

HydraDeck adds 11 more ports for Apple MacBook

What the world if we can not use my laptop at full capacity? What exactly will be discussed? Do you apart from your laptop, there are additional useful device. And these devices need to be connected to your laptop, to work together. Here today, let’s look at one of these useful devices.

If you have an Apple MacBook, then surely this is a great laptop in the modern world. But the MacBook has one small drawback. Namely, the amount of output connector is not enough. However, Apple engineers have provided a laptop computer only one connector USB-C. Not everyone is like minimalism liked.

And in truth, why Apple engineers have decided to go this way, no one is clear. But you do not worry so. Today found a company that has eliminated this disadvantage.

Decided to correct the position of project developers HydraDock. They have created a device that adds the “apple” notebook has 11 ports. Very different and quite useful ports for your personal life.

A great idea on the part of developers HydraDock. Yes, and 11 ports for a variety of devices in your life. This is an important position to which it was necessary to the manufacturer seeks to Apple. But as you can see, all is not well. And we have a separate company to invent all the amenities for the people. And it’s just not a difficult task, which is able to correct a lot of inconvenience.

What ports offered by HydraDock?

HydraDeck adds 11 more ports for Apple MacBook

New device offers owners MacBook: Two USB-C, card slot SDXC, four USB 3.0, HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, Gigabit Ethernet and 3.5-mm headphone output.

Of course, now you can feel yourself a real man. Multiple ports for different devices in your life ease your work and your ability.

Adequate invention that fully makes sense.

Now the authors of the idea of raising money to start mass production. If the action is successful, HydraDock release in June 2015.

Price of new novelty – $ 129. You can pre-order on Kickstarter.

In short we can say that a new device is really important in our lives. But for those people who really need to work your laptop interacting with other device in your life.

Source: KickStarter

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