HTC told about the most impressive camera features in Desire Eye

HTC told about the most impressive camera features in Desire Eye

HTC told about the most impressive camera features in Desire Eye

A few days ago, HTC has introduced a new self-oriented smartphone Desire EYE, equipped with a front camera with a resolution of 13 megapixels. However, just to add a front camera would be foolish on the part of HTC, so they are equipped with the camera interface is very interesting possibilities. To inexperienced users can quickly understand the application interface, the Taiwanese company has released several informational videos.

In the first video tells about the enhanced features of video calls. In Desire EYE there is a function called Face Tracking, which keeps the focus and stabilizes the image of the face of the interlocutor. Also, if during a call to talk to you a few buddies, the camera divides them into individual images, which can be combined on the screen.

In addition to these features, there is a function Screen Share, which, as the name implies, can show your actions on your smartphone companion.

In the second video HTC demonstrates the capabilities of the camera for self-images. Much attention has been paid to the Taiwanese company the opportunity to make the photo without pressing the screen of your smartphone. As can be seen from the video, it can be done in three different ways.

The first is that the smartphone takes a photo at a time when everyone who is in the frame, smiling. In a second embodiment shooting occurs when users in a few seconds were still before the viewfinder. And finally, the third way is the camera activated voice, saying, for example, the phrase «Say Cheese!».

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