Not health: iWatch will track the physical form of user

Rumors of a hypothetical smart hours Apple continue to appear and reappear. Sometimes they reinforce the already known information, sometimes go with her counter. Message posted MobiHealthNews, forces us to reconsider recent information that iWatch will fully functional medical device.

According to the resource integrated meter and sensor for measuring the level of hydration of the device does not receive. Clock, according to the publication, will be much easier than the “promised” the media last week. The device can only work in tandem with iPhone , created a team of 200 people and will not receive approval FDA (explain that top managers recently visited Apple Management on sanitary inspection by the Food and Drug Administration USA).

At the same time, despite the absence of a list of possibilities the gadget the ability to do a blood test and measure your blood pressure, iWatch will be “incarcerated” under the care of the physical condition of the user. In tandem with the program Healthbook device will monitor the training of man and his dream . In addition, the application can remind medication.

This information is, by and large, does not refute any of the things that we have heard. It only reduces appetite and waiting accents.

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