Samsung won the iPhone, iPad time to hit

Competition from Apple fully in all its fields of activity. There are competitors in the software products have competing services, but the main direction that feeds company now – is selling devices, where the most serious rival is the company Samsung . Smartphones battle long lost, few can compete with the South Korean giant. Apple still maintains its advantage in the plates, but it is believed that, and now the company from Cupertino yielded to Asians.

Both companies sell a huge number of smartphones, both put the record sales, but Samsung has always and will sell 35 million more. Such an advantage due to differences in the policies of the two companies. At that time, as Apple sells all three models iPhone, no one even count how many there are taken to the market of smartphones from Samsung. The Korean company offers a variety of display sizes, different specifications and, consequently, different costs, allowing virtually every select product like and can afford. I am not in any way condemn the strategy Apple, and certainly their revenues more than the Samsung, with its huge number of niche devices, but that this strategy makes cede market share, which, according to the amended Business Insider, is considerably more important in the long term.

There is also a tablet market where Apple is the undisputed leader. Their first product was their product was the best, but how long it will keep its market share? It is believed that by the end of this year, Samsung overtake producer iPad, using the same old strategy of “try everything.” Already, there are three modern Galaxy Tab models of different sizes, they added a model with a stylus Galaxy Note, and more – more. At CES, a South Korean company has introduced a new category of their tablets, this tablet with a 12-inch screen and NotePRO TabPRO. There are also rumors that will be released on compact tablet with a very low cost comparable to the cost of nameless Chinese handicrafts.

Will it have the Samsung with their large army to recapture market models in iPad? Seems – yes. This is evidenced by a recent study of this market from IDC. Results of the study show that an increasing proportion as the iPad, and tablets from Samsung, but the last grow with a much greater pace. At the same time, the growth of iPad sales is slowing, and if it is caused by an extensive model range competitor, that this year the situation will only grow worse. Samsung is ready today to flood the market with a ton of models with different screens, with or without stylus. Do Apple to respond to that?

Apparently, everything will be reduced to “we do not pursue market share, we’re just trying to make a better product.” iPad is really the best, but people do not always buy the best. Not everyone gets for yourself BMW, especially when KIA produce enough decent and affordable cars. Many analysts argue that Apple will go on about the market, and this is confirmed by the release of devices like the iPad mini and iPhone 5c, but it pales in comparison with the model and price next Samsung. Of course, the company now has all the good its products are popular, and the profit is astounding, but with current policy it will have to settle for second place in the market of portable electronics.

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