Former head of the Oppo has created a new company to produce smartphones – OnePlus


Former Vice President Pete Oppo Lau (Pete Lau) founded a new company called OnePlus. It will deal with the issue of smartphones.
According to Lau, the company will create a more beautiful and better product. It is not planned to be different just for the sake of difference. All efforts will be aimed at improving the daily interaction of the user with a mobile device. It is noted that earlier in development and manufacturing of smart phones could just deal with the major manufacturers, but now and before small companies open opportunities.

Any specifications smartphone OnePlus not yet reported. However, we know that the company does not intend to use cheap components to reduce the cost of devices. Plan to reduce costs by eliminating the retail sales for online distribution. Ready smartphone companies intend to introduce in the first half of 2014. This will be followed and other products: accessories and wearable electronic devices.

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