Hard Reset Blu Studio 5.0

Hard Reset Blu Studio 5.0

Hard reset solves a lot of errors, problems and bugs. Here’s an example – I had a situation that my smartphone Blu Studio 5.0 just hangs when switching on and nothing else happened. Hard Reset Blu Studio 5.0 allows you to solve many problems with smartphone, including if you have forgotten your unlock pattern.

For all its positive qualities, the method has a drawback. After a Hard Reset Blu Studio 5.0, all data on your smartphone is deleted. Therefore you need to backup applications, contacts, photos and other data. You can copy all data on MicroSD card.

The process of Hard Reset Blu Studio 5.0 is very simple. Now, I will talk about two ways that can help you in various situations.

Hard Reset Blu Studio 5.0 using Settings menu

Well, let’s start. This option is ideal for those who have working Blu Studio 5.0. The most important thing is that you could get to Settings menu.

So, you need just go to “Menu” -> “Settings” -> “Backup & reset”. Then run to the bottom of the screen and press the button “Reset”. You will be notified with a warning that all settings will be reset, and files, accounts, applications will be removed. If you agree with everything below then press the button “Reset phone”.

More time will be another notice with the same text. Also click “Reset”. Start the process of Hard Reset Blu Studio 5.0 and reboot the device to update and save new configuration.

Hard Reset Blu Studio 5.0 with Recovery menu

Well, this method is suitable for those who forgot unlock pattern or password.

First you need to completely turn off Blu Studio 5.0. Next, we need to turn it on using one of the following combination of buttons:

  • Volume Down + Volume Up + Power

When you see Android robot logo on the screen, you can release buttons.

So, before you is Recovery menu. Touch screen does not work, so you will need to use Volume Buttons to navigate through menu and Power button to select.

You need to find the line «wipe data / factory reset», click on it and then select «yes – delet all user data».

Hard Reset Blu Studio 5.0

It will be not very long process of Hard Reset Blu Studio 5.0. Then, the next step we will have to select «Reboot system now», which will reboot the device. As you understand, this time Blu Studio 5.0 will be loaded in the condition in which it was sold.

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