Hard reset Kyocera Hydro Air

If your smartphone Kyocera Hydro Air for unknown reasons began to hang or fail, you do not need to carry it to the service center. There is not a small probability to solve your problem by performing a hard reset Kyocera Hydro Air. After hard reset all the settings return to the factory or to the state in which you purchased smartphone.

So how do you perform a Hard reset Kyocera Hydro Air and why is it needed? Hard reset Kyocera Hydro Air is advised to apply if your smartphone does not work consistently, or the use is not as comfortable as it was at purchase. Hard reset Kyocera Hydro Air can be made in several ways, which I will discuss below. Before hard reset it is recommended to make a backup copy of important data.

Method 1 Hard reset Kyocera Hydro Air: Settings menu

This option uses a standard feature, which is available on every Android device.

Hard reset Kyocera Hydro Air

We need to go to Settings – Backup and Reset – Reset. After that you will be warned about the fact that all data will be deleted, and then you should click the button “Reset”. It will be necessary to confirm your choice by clicking “Delete all” and then the system will restore to factory settings.

Method 2 Hard reset Kyocera Hydro Air: Service code

Hard reset Kyocera Hydro Air

For its realization you just need to open the number entry and dial *2767*3855#. This immediately starts the process Hard reset Kyocera Hydro Air. No confirmation from the user will not be prompted.

Method 3 Hard reset Kyocera Hydro Air: Recovery menu or wipe

What is it and how to make Wipe on Android?

Hard reset Kyocera Hydro Air

You need to turn on the device at the same time you have to press the button “Power”, “Volume Down/UP” and or Home button. The combination of buttons depending on the model of smartphone. When recovery menu will be loaded, you need to select “Wipe” section and confirm your selection by pressing Power button or Home button.

That’s all! You can use one of three ways hard reset Kyocera Hydro Air.

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