Hard reset for Kyocera C6740N

Hard reset for Kyocera C6740N

Hard reset for Kyocera C6740N is not a disaster, especially if your smartphone to sync your personal data. Hard reset will remove your contacts, as well as most likely delete all your data on smartphone. In other words, you will return your Kyocera C6740N to factory settings and it will be as if you had just bought.

As already mentioned, if you have enabled Google Sync, you can easily return back all the data to smartphone and re-install all games. If synchronization is not necessary, but you want to save the information before Hard reset for Kyocera C6740N, make backups of data using the developer software.

All the process of hard reset can be divided into 2 parts: enter the menu and select the desired item. Just say that sometimes it is impossible to start the menu that you need. We will try to Hard reset for Kyocera C6740N through the system Recovery menu.

Remove the memory card and SIM card. Then turn off your smartphone.

It is necessary to turn off the smartphone before pressing a combination of any keys. Different devices have different combinations of keys to enter system menu.

Below are the combination of keys. WARNING you need to hold certain key with Power button. So you have to keep the 2-3 keys down for 5 seconds until you will see Android logo or any action on your smartphone screen.

  • Volume Down + Power button

Once Android logo will appear or any action will be performed on the screen – you can let go the keys.

As a result, you should see a menu with several items. We proceed to the second part of Hard reset for Kyocera C6740N.Hard reset for Kyocera C6740N

Now, you need to find one of the items:

  • Reset factory setting
  • wipe data/factory reset
  • Factory Reset
  • Clear Storage

Select a found item. Move by pressing the button Volume Up and Volume Down, to choose from – the Power button.

Perhaps after that appears small submenu, where you need to select delete all user data or reboot system now.

After selecting your smartphone should reboot. I must say that the reboot can be long, from 1 to 5 minutes. Do not worry, it is the process of hard reset for Kyocera C6740N.

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