New Google Nest extends the functionality and connects to the car adapter

New Google Nest extends the functionality and connects to the car adapter

New Google Nest extends the functionality and connects to the car adapter

Nest Labs has added another level of automation to its smart thermostat through integrated support for car adapter is connected Automatic. The combination of technologies will allow the users who own both devices, the programming environment of their home space in the distance straight from their vehicle.

Since Google acquired at their disposal Nest in early 2014, this device slowly but surely developed with emphasis on its functionality, expanding the number of products and applications with which it can communicate in the end. Thermostat Nest – is an Internet connection device that studies the behavior of the user for a long time in terms of the choice of temperature inside the dwelling. Now it is different integration with Google Now, which allows the device to give voice commands, washing machines Whirlpool, as well as a clever lock Kevo Smart Lock and home sprinkler systems.

A little later, the developers had declared a policy of optimization of the functional unit and the expansion of its capacity options of “collaboration” with the vehicle systems. The essence is to ensure that when approaching a certain distance driver does not need to be distracted by sending command the thermostat to the temperature prepared for the arrival of the owner. Everything makes him automatics. Since the movement of the owner of the device is monitored system by GPS, the signal is immediately sent to the car home.

With the arrival of the family of devices with which the friendly Google Nest, the Company’s products Automatic, turned an interesting symbiosis. Connected Car Adapter, which, perhaps, and borrows the concept of work for Nest, also studying the habits and behavior of the owner of the car – his style of driving, high-speed mode, the intensity of the braking. On the basis of these data are generated recommendations regarding the frequency of passage of maintenance and driving in on certain stretches of road in the city.

Now, users can program their thermostats to automatically make adjustments based on the motion of the vehicle. Immediately after the start of the movement after the release of Office auto thermostat and exchange a few signals, and you will be at home waiting for a warm and comfortable home environment.

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