Google Maps for iOS upgrades, support iPad interface, offline maps and indoor maps

Google Maps for iOS version 2.0 upgrade on the 17th, support for offline and indoor maps and finally offers iPad interface.

Google Maps for iOS and finally in the 17th upgraded version 2.0, provides the interface for the new iPad, and Android version of the same, adding offline and indoor maps, because offline maps (maps pre-loaded) function is not supported in Taiwan, indoor maps based on Taiwan Google 17 days argument is still shooting, so in addition to the new iPad interface, other features you want to use.

Also in the IOS version, also joined the earlier version of Android before updating Explore feature that allows users to use a more convenient interface, find local businesses. But regardless of the iOS version or Android version, Explore features are not yet available. Although the new version of Google Maps for iOS 2.0 available offline map function, however, and the Android version of the same, we must use “ok maps” egg recall this function.

On the last week Google launched the Android version of Google Maps updated to support Taiwan’s voice turn navigation, and map the colors used and the mark has also been updated, so Google Maps look more clean, clear, and Google Maps for iOS update, more nearly two versions of consistency, in addition to the menu is slightly different, the users can get the same on both platforms Google Maps experience, which can be considered Apple gave up iOS built Gogole Maps map data benefits now!

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