GazeBox - transparent folding garage

GazeBox – transparent folding garage

Quite an ingenious canopy came up with the Italian firm GazeBox. The eponymous invention is suitable as a gazebo or a car  transparent folding garage.

Feature of transparent folding garage

The novelty differs from many peers? It is easy to fold and completely transparent. Nothing is stopping to admire the machine.

This ensures adequate protection of the birds, snow, animals, wind, sun, rain and even hail.

GazeBox - transparent folding garage

There is LED lighting. A useful bonus – does not accumulate heat inside (thanks to effective ventilation).

With the installation no problem. Each handle. In addition, GazeBox does not require any special permissions.

Garage wall made of polycarbonate, and the frame – made of aluminum and steel. Opens design manually.

If desired, the basic configuration can be supplemented by solar panels, alarm system, air conditioning and other equipment.

The cost of the  transparent folding garage is not specified.

Source: slashgear

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