Cosmos Star Citizen grossed $ 30 million funding from the players

Draft Chris Roberts Star Citizen kraudfandinga continues to set records. Two days ago, he overcame the level of $ 29 million and now almost reached the sum of $ 31 million

Fundraising for the global space simulator Star Citizen of the father of the genre Chris Roberts started on the project site in October 2012. Month heir Wing Commander grossed $ 6 million – two thirds of the game on the site and another third on Kickstarter. But Roberts did not stop and continued to receive funds from the players, offering them new additional targets. By July 2013 Cosmos already collected $ 14 million.

Over the past 5 months Star Citizen doubled that amount. Taking the level of $ 29 million marks the emergence of additional content in single off-line campaign Squadron 42. Next goal – $ 32 million is to bring new ships and other improvements.

Star Citizen output planned for 2015 and only on PC. As Chris Roberts said: “The game will not be simplified in favor of smaller platforms.”

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