Top Game controllers with support for Moga

Top Game controllers with support for Moga

Top Game controllers with support for Moga

Game controllers, also known as joysticks, are among the most popular accessories for Android-smartphone. Some time ago, by the way, we even had time to familiarize you with the list of the most common representatives. Alone among the latest devices Game controllers are powered by Moga, shot to fame thanks to the build quality, attractive design and some features that cannot boast competitors. Unfortunately, not all the games from the shelves of Google Play support this device, but these still found. Which ones are worth buying in the first place? Let’s find out.

Game controllers – Asphalt 8: On the rise

Continuation of the popular series from Gameloft was one of the first games to support the notorious controllers. Despite a pretty decent amount of time, the eighth iteration Asphalt still enjoys great popularity among fans of the games. There are several reasons.

First, a rather high-quality graphics. Secondly, a good diversity of vehicles. Finally, the game is distributed free of charge, although the inside and found a place for some app purchases.

Download: Google Play

Game controllers – Dead Trigger 2

Obviously, shoot stupid bloodthirsty zombies nicely by itself, but breaching it with the controller brings a whole different experience.

Developers continuation of the famous game worked wonderfully. This becomes evident not only after the instantaneous estimate of the graphic component, but also get acquainted with the performance of its popularity. In particular, Dead Trigger 2 managed to download more than 10 million people.

Download: Google Play

Game controllers – Meganoid 2

Obviously, the ancestor of today’s controllers is joysticks from old game consoles. It is for them, many of us could spend a few hours a day, barely managing to keep track of time. This atmosphere will help recreate Meganoid.

The game is a platformer with 8-bit graphics. Jump from one platform to another, avoid obstacles and show incredible agility – what is it for? Of course, for the sake of the toy world. It was his destiny is in your hands.

Download: Google Play

Game controllers – Modern Combat 5: Eclipse

Argued that Modern Combat 5 – one of the best shooters of today. Frankly, do not agree with this rather difficult. Inside the game is as a single mode with a broad storyline and great multiplayer with real players.

To all this should be added the schedule, the quality of which can be the envy of many inhabitants of Google Play.

Download: Google Play

Game controllers – The Bard’s Tale

Our foreign colleague’s androidauthority called The Bard’s Tale one of the best representatives of the genre RPG. As a confirmation of the data words are the high-quality graphics, long story line and support services Google Play Games.

It is noteworthy that there are two versions of the game. First – with high resolution, and the second – with less detailed graphics. The latter, obviously, would be a godsend for owners of devices that do not have so much free memory.

Download: Google Play

Are you satisfied with your Game controllers? Share your experiences using it in the comments.

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