Researchers have managed to achieve a speed of 10 Gbit / s data transmission of visible light

British scientists have managed to achieve a record speed of data transmission at 10 Gbit / s using a special LED technology and the so-called Li-Fi.

Abbreviation Li-Fi is composed of two words – light and fidelity, which translated to English means “light” and “accuracy”.

To transfer data, researchers from Edinburgh, St Andrews, Strathclyde, Oxford and Cambridge universities with financial support from the Scientific Council of the Engineering and Physical Sciences of the United Kingdom (EPSRC) used a special LED lamp, light-emitting diodes consisting of red, green and blue. For each of them, the data held at 3.5 Gbit / s.

Tiny LED bulbs, developed by scientists Strathclyde University, allows you to direct light streams in parallel to each other, thus multiplying the amount of data transmitted per unit of time. As an example, Professor Harold Haas, one of the project managers and specialist in the field of wireless optical data transmission, led shower funnel that directs a jet of water in this way.

Using a method of digital modulation known as orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), scientists were able to manage millions via LED light beams of different intensities transmitted in one second. In other words, lights turn on and off at high speed, which allows you to transfer large amounts of binary data.

Earlier this year, scientists from the Institute for Integrated Circuits Fraunhofer Society succeeded in the laboratory, using the technology of Li-Fi, to achieve data transfer rates at 1 Gbit / s. Some success in this field was also able to achieve a Chinese scholar. Recently, they showed a tiny LED light power of 1 W, which provides a data transfer rate of 150 Mbit / s for up to four PCs.

It should be noted that data transmission technology visible light has several advantages over radio waves. First, it is more energy efficient. Secondly, light can provide unlimited bandwidth access. And, thirdly, Li-Fi technology can help achieve a more stable connection in the rooms, as the light does not have to pass through walls.

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