Eye Tribe Tracker lets you manage computers and tablets using gaze


Modern mobile devices, some computers and laptops actively use touch screens to interact with them. In some devices sold control using voice commands or by recognition of users’ movements. Now the company Eye Tribe proposes to start using the technology, which allows you to manage computers and mobile devices by tracking the user’s view.

For these purposes, is proposed to apply the device Tracker. To connect to the system interface is USB 3.0. Tracker is an elongated device with a sensor that tracks the movement of the user’s eyes. These movements may be recognized as the control commands. For example, so you can control playback multimedihnyh files, navigate through documents, manage the gameplay, etc. The scope of new items is wide. However, it is necessary that this technology began to actively support the developers.

For software developers and games are already available the appropriate SDK. This makes it possible to introduce support management in view of a wide range of software products. The device manufacturer Tracker is estimated at $ 99.

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