Market Smart Watches: Apple should hurry? in the global market of smart watches appeared just two major players. South Korea’s Samsung introduced the “smart” clock Galaxy Gear, and Sony has announced the immediate availability of retail SmartWatch 2 hours. Both devices get a stylish and original, but full-fledged smart clock can not be called. Experts acknowledge that Sony and Samsung have released another expensive “toys”, the appropriateness of purchase of which remains a big question.

Why? If users expect from iWatch real revolution, that Samsung has decided to circumvent it. Corporation issued ordinary accessory to their line of smartphones Galaxy Note and Galaxy S, while it is 299 U.S. dollars. Journalists who receive device directly to charts during the presentation, argue that the price is too inflated. In addition, they complain about the weird clock interface, poor battery life and enough flexible strap. But this is, perhaps, a trifle. to statements made by Samsung, will be able to work hours on a single battery charge all day. Soon the outlets in the house remains, even if the clock will have to recharge so often. One gets the impression that the Koreans released Galaxy Gear just to get ahead in this case Apple. Nice try.

Watch Sony’s cost about the same if not more – for the version with stainless steel strap buyers will give 199 euros. In size they are much less than their competitors from Samsung and are also an accessory for smartphones. With what both corporations have worked really well, so it is with the screens – they are bright, clear, and provide a high quality picture.

The main drawback Gear and SmartWatch 2 – lack of a large number of applications, but on that of Sony and Samsung are already working hard. Despite this, their functional content leaves much to be desired.

So whether or not Apple cautiously look towards your potential competitors? I do not think. Let’s start with what to say about developing iWatch in Cupertino still impossible. But because of the recent smart watches are becoming more popular by Apple would be logical to release something like that . Not an accessory, but a full-fledged standalone unit.

In my view, the corporation is more to fear out of “smart” watches from Google and Microsoft, who really know how to produce quality products. However, there is nothing about them can be heard.

It is interesting how just a couple of years, technology giants have discovered a new environment for competition.

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