European LG G2 will be able to wireless charging with a separate cover

Sales of the new smartphone LG’s worldwide due to start in October, but now many European and North American retailers are taking pre-orders for LG G2. Interestingly, U.S. customers have a reason to opt for the purchase of the gadget at the mobile operator Verizon – it will only smartphone with wireless charging. But European citizens do not worry, they will have an alternative – a cover that LG intends to sell separately.

According to the website Pocket-lint, LG representatives officially confirmed that the company will offer the smartphone in Europe optional accessory that will not only protect the device, but also give the opportunity to charge the smartphone by simply placing it on a special stand. Unfortunately, this information is only available: for example, are not reported as such a case will cost and whether it offers manufacturers in other regions other than Europe, and that is interesting to us, can I buy it in this country.

Whatever it was, it seems to us that it is time to begin to promote wireless charging technology – it is unclear why she is still paying due attention to only some producers, and that most of them are limited to a few covers and lids, but do not build modules inside gadget . By the way, we think that if the Nexus 5 is really based on LG G2, then on that his version, which has a coil. Let’s see if the way we think.

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