Enthusiasts have created a robot WALL-E life-size


A dream come true for millions of children around the world, as well as the loyal fans of animation studio Pixar – Michael McMaster (Michael McMaster) and his friends managed to create a robot WALL-E in full size.

His creations are shown at the event Geek Week. It is worth noting that WALL-E is not the only masterpiece enthusiasts, recently they have managed to create at least the famous robot R2-D2 from the cult fiction saga “Star Wars.”

Determine the dimensions of WALL-E was not quite the easiest task. To do this, Michael and his friends turned to the videotapes and the Rubik’s cube. That they are allowed to determine the life-size robot hands, from whom he repelled the creators.

Control of the robot by using the remote control. It is worth noting that created Michael WALL-E is not only a replica creation Pixar, but also accurately reproduces all the movements and sounds.

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