Elephone Q: hybrid phone and fitness tracker

Elephone Q: hybrid phone and fitness tracker

Developers Elephone Get creative courage. Obviously, in an attempt to stand out from many competitors. The company decided to release a rather unusual device.

Feature of hybrid phone

The hybrid phone called the 2.54-inch product Elephone Q. This is a miniature hybrid phone of the fitness tracker and smartphone. The mobile device can not only calls but also to monitor the physical activity of the owner.
The operating system uses Android 4.4 KitKat.

Why such a small invention? For easy mounting on the wrist or neck (with the help of chains, bracelets, etc.). Elephone Q offers a pedometer with a number of options, the monitor sleep and also reminds us that it’s time to go (when the owner is a long time without moving).

Elephone Q: hybrid phone and fitness tracker

Declared support networks of 3G. In the role of the processor performs MediaTek MTK6572 with the clock frequency of 1 GHz. The touch screen has a resolution of 432 by 240 pixels, and detects one touch.

In addition to the above, installed onboard 512 MB of RAM, front camera type VGA, SSD 4GB card slot for microSD, the main camera of 5 megapixels and a battery of 550 mAh. Power supply enough for 4 hours on a single charge (of continuous talk time). The gadget weighs is 52 grams.

Verdict of hybrid phone

The new device hybrid phone Elephone Q has pretty good features and not very good performance. The price information is not available.

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