Dock Griffin MultiDock can charge up to 10 mobile devices

If you count the number of devices that have to charge every night, then a docking station that supports up to ten products from different manufacturers, and do not seem so absurd.

These days, most users probably in the house is a few smart phones, tablets and accessories. Most likely in the near future, this list will be complemented and even “smart” clock. All of them should be charged, and often have to do this once.

The range of Griffin is now added a new model of the dock MultiDock, which can charge up to ten devices simultaneously.

For each of the ten ports of the device provides a voltage level of 5 V and a current up to 2.1 A. The design of new products based on the basis of aluminum sheets. Inner membrane are made of acrylic, and the front door – made of steel. Dimensions of the device are 38,3 x32, 3×32 cm, weight – 8.44 kg.

The cost of the dock Griffin MultiDock is $ 700. And this device is designed primarily for small companies, educational institutions, etc.

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