DigiTimes: Apple will reduce the price of the iPad mini to $ 249


Analysts publication DigiTimes claims that Apple this fall due to these or other events will offer the public iPad mini with a reduced price to $ 249. This may be a model of the first generation, and its modified to reduce the cost type.

According to DigiTimes, Taiwan-based tablets are afraid to reduce the price of iPad mini, because the tablet market has reached a certain maturity, and competitors Apple products differ from each other only in some details. A significant change in the characteristics of the main components can lead to higher prices for the tablet, which is highly undesirable, so all the cheap tablets are similar to each other.

Cupertino-based company has a complete ecosystem, which may not always offer the client a budget tablet makers. It is for this reason that they are afraid that the reduction in the price of iPad mini may again pass the initiative on the tablet market in the hands of Apple.

Recall that the previous quarter for iPad sales of various models was unsuccessful. In this situation, Apple may decide to lower prices. In the end, on similar measures in the smartphone segment the company has already decided, not counting the endless photos with back covers iPhone 5C fake.

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