How to die of: Nokia, Blackberry and other


Saturday’s news about the actual care of the consumer segment sales of Canadian-Hindu Blackberry shocked. Rather, everything is already clear premonition of something bad has long hovered in the air, but the statement about not comprehensible minus billion operating loss and dismissal of four and a half thousand employees immediately to dot the i.

In general, the trend is formed bad. Immediately reminded of similar stories from mobile industry giants like Motorola, recent purchase of units of Nokia, responsible for the production of phones by Microsoft. One can cite examples from the automotive world – the acquisition of the Indian Tata Motors Land Rover and Jaguar, the company Ford, but you never know another such example. Why the once unquestionable authority, lawmakers areas of technology development, innovation and generators unattainable for alleged at the time the corporation can not withstand the competition and fall?

I have absolutely no desire to delve into the financial reasons, cause some strange figures, analyze and deal with the fall of the capitalization of other nonsense. The question is interesting from the point of view of the average consumer. It is important to how these events will affect ordinary customers, that is you and me. Well, now you want to discuss all the exciting theme of supposedly starting at Apple negative processes, the ones that can lead to a similar outcome.

The main topic that is being discussed in the public mind, in social networks, blogs and comments to the material on niche sites, a simple and banal – “lack of innovation.” But I can tell you that this is complete nonsense. Lack of innovation – not an indication of failure. Lack of innovation in the public consciousness – the definition of unnecessary and often unrealistic expectations. You think – the Nokia and Blackberry was not innovation?

Nokia for the past ten years or more, was unreachable for other examples of how to make mobile phones. Titanium casing, the first WAP-browser, Symbian, 41-megapixel camera – it’s the first thing that comes to mind. Blackberry with a unique development on the part of perfectly tuned ergonomic physical keyboards tested tens of thousands of hours and thousands of real people before they are released. Blackberry c own operating system – stable, well-functioning, unique. Blackberry c own service process mail and instant messaging, so reliable and secure that the use of the military apparatus, the agents of the secret services and the presidency. Can it be called a lack of innovation, despite the fact that the above technologies have been continuously improved and developed? Apparently, it’s just different.

It looks like that separately taken the average consumer does not need innovation, he is not interested in technology in its purest form. Humanity has become lazy, greedy and wants to become simplifications. He wants to “just work.” Hence the frantic leap of sales of Chinese and Korean smartphone because they offer a cheap, simple, bright and beautiful. Because Korean and Chinese manufacturers are offering their devices and services is in the form in which the majority wants.

Talking about our questions, in the light of the above, as it relates to the company’s Apple? Yes, so far they have. Apple has a full basement cash developments and technologies will be enough for at least seven years to ten. As I see it, Apple is well understood in the changing rules of the game and learn from the mistakes of others (meaning the Nokia and Blackberry), a beautiful and vibrant iOS 7 and painted in bright colors iPhone confirmation. Simplifications are also available. The company from Cupertino can not be accused of lack of innovation – yes, these revolutions, like the iPhone or iPad will not be, progress will proceed smoothly, silently and gently. Management of the company by all indications find a balance between the wishes of the consumers and to simplify the introduction of modern technology into their products. Moreover, a certain ratio of observed and innovation are implanted gradually with caution. And to worry about the future yet. At least I think so.

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