The new console Sony PlayStation Vita will be released on October 10

Sony is already October 10 will begin selling an updated handheld console, PlayStation Vita, which received a number of improvements over the original version. Case thickness upcoming release consoles (PlayStation Vita PCH-2000) decreased by 20% – up to 15 mm. Weight thus decreased by 15% to 219 grams.

The new console is equipped with LCD-display, and the screen is not OLED, as the original version. The amount of internal memory is 1 GB. The battery is said to now provides up to six hours of battery life, which is an hour longer than its predecessor.

PlayStation Vita PCH-2000 will be available in six color options: white, black, yellow, pink, light blue and olive. In Japan, new product goes on sale Oct. 10 for about $ 200.

It is important to note that Sony will offer the console a new memory card PS Vita Memory Card 64GB, which costs approximately $ 105.

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