Windows 8.1 OS will be released only as much in October

Yesterday, the network got a fresh build Windows 8.1 under the number 9471, which is quite close to the RTM. It was discovered innovations that were not in the preliminary version of Windows 8.1, available to users to familiarize themselves with the new version of the OS at the end of June.

The changes are mainly concerned usability – Microsoft listened to users and added educational materials, allowing quicker to understand the innovations, as well as an extra handy menu. It was expected that the release of updates for Windows 8.1 users will be held before the end of August.

However, several respected resource ZDNet and The Verge, citing its own sources say that the final version of the operating system will be available no earlier than mid-October. In August, Microsoft will send it only to its OEM-partners.

It is reported that the RTM build will be signed in mid-August, that is, from day to day, after which it will receive manufacturers. In addition to mass update to Windows 8.1 will be possible to see the emergence of a new wave of Windows-based device on the market.

It should be noted that among them there will be a compact tablet with a screen diagonal of 7.8 inches. By the way, now we can already buy such a device – this Acer Iconia W3 , which is depicted in the photo above.

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