Wolfenstein: The New Order will not be released this year


Release shooter Wolfenstein: The New Order postponed to next year. This was announced in an interview with Polygon Pete Hines, vice president of Bethesda Game Studios, acting publisher of the game. Head explained that the developers did not fit into the previously established time for several reasons. First, the project creates a platform for both current and future generations, as well as PC. Thus, the work, he said, is like over 2 different games that requires considerable rot

Second, developers are not just a shooter, where the most important thing – a great shooting mechanics and game with more advanced storyline and stealth elements. All it needs is a thorough “polishing” said Hines.

Thus, the earlier 2014 release should be expected, and the more specific date to name the authors do not hurry. But with pleasure pampered players gameplay videos, the next of which offer you. Based on it, “the same Wolfenstein» still return to the screens of our monitors.

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