The concept of a future version of Android

The network has a huge number of concept video, in which people show their videnbe new devices or operating systems. So the guy whose name is Craig Tuttle, made ​​the video, which showed how he sees the future of Android OS.

It is not difficult to see that Craig has developed a concept whereby now be Google. Already we can see that many of the applications from Google updated to one style . Therefore, in the present video system and applications are presented in a single ” card ” style . You may also notice that the system was dominated by white , replacing the current black and blue. Of course , the main feature of the new version of Android, Craig sees a deeper and more advanced integration aide Google Now in the system itself. Changed and kind of multitasking , and it must be recognized in this design it looks very harmonious and resembles the tab in the mobile version of Chrome.

And while it’s only a concept , it is very good at displaying what could be Android in the future. How reliable Craiga assumptions , we can find out very soon , with the presentation of the new version of Android 4.4 – KitKat, which is rumored to be held on October 14.

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