Chinese source confirms fingerprint reader HTC One Max

HTC One Max has ceased to be something of a secret . We have already seen the device due to the large number of leaks , but now we can expect a lot more details about the upcoming 5.9 -inch smartphone. Why ? The user with the nickname Weibo TD Zhijia a version of the smartphone, focused on China, and he is happy to share the details of it.

The latest information received from him, confirms ultrapikselnuyu camera and fingerprint scanner. TD Zhijia states that the scanner works fine and does not sboil a few days of testing smartphone. Rating recognition ” very high” and the system is acting up very rarely . It’s very nice to hear – one of the reasons why the devices with scanners are not widely spread , it is imperfect recognition system .

The list goes on camera. TD Zhijia provided several examples of photos taken with the HTC One Max. Unfortunately , there is nothing to be surprised , because the photos were not published in full resolution , so do not judge the quality of work.

Finally I would like to recall that this may not be the final version of the smartphone , and that HTC can still change anything. But so far everything looks good , right?

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