The company E Ink electronic paper introduced the next generation of E Ink Carta

Compared to the previous generation screens (E Ink Pearl), a new electronic paper has increased by 50% contrast and 20% higher reflectivity. That is E Ink Carta established in the updated reader Amazon Paperwhite 2013 presented two days ago.

E-paper E Ink Carta support new proprietary technology updates page E Ink Regal, which significantly reduces the need for periodic complete redrawing of the image by reducing the number of artifacts. In this case, the process of updating the page looks more “smooth” that allows you to better focus on reading. The developers note that a marked improvement in image quality in no way affect the power consumption of E Ink displays the new generation, it is still one of the most fuel-efficient screens.

Depending on the wishes of the developers readers, screens, E Ink Carta can be performed on a classical glass or flexible plastic substrate (E Ink Mobius) in a variety of form factors from 1.44 to 13.3 inches. Also screens E Ink Carta may be further provided with a digitizer or a capacitive sensor and the front LED backlight module, which was demonstrated in the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2013.

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