The first commercial advertisement Windows 8.1: the button “Start”

In Windows 8 in the pursuit of innovation Microsoft removed the “Start” button, which was perceived negatively by users. However, the problem was solved, though third-party tools. In Windows 8.1 redmondskaya company decided to return to this familiar interface element. Moreover, she made him stop in his first commercial advertising the new operating system.

In addition to the “Start” button, you can quickly switch between the standard interface and the Modern UI, Microsoft also drew attention to the possibility to use the same OS on different types of devices, and it divided the category of tablets and Surface. But the latter, in fact, the same tablet.

It is also worth noting that in August there was the largest number of activations of Windows 8 for the year, as reported by the head of marketing Microsoft Tami Reller (Tami Reller) at the last forum of developers.

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