Three collections Apple Watch

Three collections Apple Watch, which you have not heard

Three collections Apple Watch

If you are filthy rich and love throughout exceed their friends and girlfriends. Then you should contact the Goldgenie. A UK company specializing in gilding and customization of electronic products. Such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods, as well as phones from different manufacturers.

Goldgenie ready to make Apple Watch gorgeous and glittering using platinum. Equipped with Swarovski crystals and diamonds that you can decorate the watch case. The collection is made of stainless steel. And as Apple Watch Edition supplement manufacturer offers exclusive alloy 24-karat gold, rose gold or platinum. The last mention of the company refers to the time covered Goldgenie special 24-carat gold iPhone 6.

Three collections Apple Watch

While Goldgenie does not specify the time of appearance of exclusive collections Apple Watch. But, however, something about them is already known.

The Apple Watch Elite

Three collections Apple Watch

The process begins here with the fact that Goldgenie calls “classic Device Watch stainless steel.” The developer takes the watch and “embellishes” that with 24-carat gold, rose gold or platinum. The bracelet of this model can be fully cover the above-mentioned metals. Or you can simply switch to a bracelet of crocodile skin or python.

The Apple Watch Brilliance

Three collections Apple Watch

This watch model is an Apple Watch stainless steel. And similarly coated with 24-carat gold, rose gold or platinum. Regardless of what you choose to your watch bracelet. The device can be fully (or partially) to decorate with crystals Swarovski.

The Apple Watch Diamond Ecstasy

Three collections Apple Watch

This collection includes modification of Apple Watch Edition. And as we know according Goldgenie, this watch – “full of dazzling Apple Watch Edition. The device created for those who value their time.” Do not expect that this collection of watches will be cheap. After all, this device, or rather its case and strap, decorated with hundreds of small diamonds and a 1-carat is built into the wheel Digital Crown.

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