China vs. Apple: the battlefield – the environment

We have been told that the Chinese authorities have made ​​several attacks against Apple, associated with the different areas of activity. Now it became known that the company was the subject of a new investigation, and this time it comes to the issue of environmental protection.

To be more precise, we are talking about Apple manufacturing partner – Foxconn and UniMicron. Environmental activists unaware of the fact that they are discharged into rivers toxic metals. According to the vice-president of the Chinese environmental regulator Dinh Yudonga, emissions are substantially higher than the permissible limits.

Foxconn UniMicron themselves and claim that they regularly conduct water tests and are confident that any regulations they do not break. An Apple spokesman told the Wall Street Journal, the company is working closely with suppliers and environmental organizations, to ensure that environmental standards are observed whether the production of its gadgets.

An investigation will require a lot of time, and if the suspicions are confirmed, it can be fraught with scandal, the scale is not inferior to the history of maltreatment employees Foxconn. Let’s hope that Tim Cook at this time do not need to apologize .

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