Apple has taken children to the App Store

Despite the many problems associated with the unconscious extravagance of children and the subsequent stress for parents, Apple still does not want to give up such an important part of their target audience as minors users. The latest revision of the rules and regulations iTunes Store says that from now on children under the age of 13 have the right to establish accounts in the App Store to download applications for educational purposes.

Of course, the freedom of young people to acquire the programs will be severely limited. For example, to allow to create such accounts, Apple should get an appropriate request from the educational institution. Such a revision of the rules and regulations is a new method of how teachers have control over the process used by students of mobile devices.

Teachers will be able to keep track of what is installed on the iPad students, as well as the authority to prohibit students switch applications during class. This means that if the student during class wants to close the tutorial and play Angry Birds, it will not be possible. Unfortunately, the State Duma deputies for more than 13 years, and after a similar measure in the Russian parliament, too, would come in very handy.

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