C.24 key protective shell, easy to make music with the iPad

As a songwriter you always feel that the virtual keys with arranger App bounce did not feel a thing do?


Perhaps the key switch C.24 protective shell, to help you record more fleeting inspiration! C.24 as a group with a two-octave keys of the iPad protective shell, as long as with a specific arranger iPad App will be able to instantly put into a mini keyboard; feel part of each key are imported because the magnetic principle, when after playing under the pressure keys will immediately spring back into place, there will be the traditional piano keys too heavy or too light keyboard keys key issues, just good press force feedback; addition, the harpsichord is also equipped with a set of top capacitive touch LED indicator, which function keys below the relative position of the analog, so even if you want to up or down a few octaves treble or bass playing is not a problem.


C.24-key-raqwe.com-03 C.24-key-raqwe.com-04 C.24-key-raqwe.com-05

C.24 key protective shell has been launched in kickstarter fund-raising plan.

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