Inventing the thinnest invisibility cloak real

Inventing the thinnest invisibility cloak real

Creation of the material from which it would be possible to tailor the invisibility cloak real, long occupied the minds of scientists. German researchers, for example, have already achieved some success, in this case, make the invisible box for small items. But scientists at UC San Diego have gone further and developed the thinnest material invisibility, which can be the basis for a raincoat.

What is similar of invisibility cloak real?

It seems that soon cloaking device from the “Star Trek” and the invisibility cloak of “Harry Potter” will cease to be a figment of the imagination. Although it is impossible to cheat the laws of physics, they can be used to wrap around an object to make the light, resulting in a certain wavelength range will give the impression that he had disappeared. The technology is not new, but scientists continue to hone it, and now it has reached a qualitatively new level.

Inventing the thinnest invisibility cloak real

Researchers at the University of California in San Diego have developed a thin film material of Teflon coated with a variety of tiny ceramic particles in the form of cylinders, which alter the character of the flow of light. After a series of experiments, scientists have been able to hide from the eyes, flat on the ground.

“By varying the height of the dielectric material, we were able to control how the light is reflected from a single point on the invisibility cloak real” – says one of the authors of the project. According to him, all past development involves the use of several layers of material invisible. As a result, it became the thicker coat of the object itself, which is concealed. This development also shows that it is possible to do a single layer.

Source: techradar

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