Age of Empires Online: Map of the most visited websites in the world

Staff at Oxford Internet Institute in the framework of Information Geographies made a map, which is named after the famous game – “Age of Empires Online.” Would look like a world atlas, if the color on the map depended on the most popular Web site, and the area of ​​the state – from the number of online audience? It is on this question is answered infographics, lets look at the balance of power in the world from the point of view of the Web.

The drafters took the data by the Alexa ranking, which sites in different parts of the world are the leaders in the audience, and made a map of the type of political atlas of the world, but instead of – a web-based resources. And the authors are not lazy and did a stylized map of the last century.

According to the infographic, the world is divided between Google and Facebook, and reigns supreme in China Baidu. It is understandable why the Chinese prefer a local search engine: most Google services are banned in the country, and the search works pretty bad. Although, Baidu love, not only in China but also in South Korea.

Only stronghold of Yahoo! Japan and Taiwan remain, and in Palestine, the most popular web resource is the Al-Watan Voice. With regard to the CIS, Mail.Ru undisputed leader in Kazakhstan, Russia often comes to “Yandex” in Belarus as the most visited site was the “VKontakte”.

In the case of Baidu, Yahoo! Japan and Yandex border online empires almost coincide with the real political. As for Facebook, it is obvious that his influence will grow as soon as the social network will establish normal search even within itself.

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