BlackBerry with Samsung and IBM released new antispyware tablet

BlackBerry with Samsung and IBM released new antispyware tablet

BlackBerry with Samsung and IBM released new antispyware tablet

BlackBerry seeks to maintain a position in the segment of mobile devices for confidential communications officials. The company introduced a new tablet designed for this purpose. It was created with the participation of the German company SecuSmart, South Korean Samsung, and the US IBM.

Canada’s BlackBerry, once one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones, presented on the eve of CeBIT in Germany tablet called SecuTablet, intended for government agencies and large enterprises, according to Wall Street Journal.

This is the second attempt of the vendor to declare itself in the segment of tablets. The first attempt was made in 2011 with the BlackBerry PlayBook, who gained popularity. The device is criticized for its lack of important functions (synchronization with BES, support BlackBerry Messenger et al.), And eventually was forced to write off the manufacturer of its remaining stocks.

SecuTablet radically different from the PlayBook. Firstly, BlackBerry has not developed its design and took as a basis the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5. Secondly, SecuTablet was not running its own operating system BlackBerry OS, and running Android. Third, to provide an apparatus attended by a large number of parties. In addition to BlackBerry and Samsung, this German company SecuSmart – Canadians have purchased it last year – and for IBM.

Using the Galaxy Tab Android-based as the basis of chance, said the Wall Street Journal, Hans-Christoph Quelle (Hans-Christoph Quelle). “Anyone familiar with Android. Therefore, the tablet will not cause any problems in development, “- he said.

In SecuSmart for the new tablet was taken encryption technology calls and messages. And IBM – Technology isolate workers from personal data. The latter allows you to secure operational data in the case when the virus enters the mobile device through the popular social network or via the website. At most BlackBerry also have this technology, it is called BlackBerry Balance. And it including available on devices running Android and iOS, not only based on its own platform company.

The official statement BlackBerry states that currently SecuTablet is certified by the Federal Office for Information Security in Germany responsible for the IB authorities. In particular, check the tablet runs to meet the requirements of VS-NFD. It regulates the technical means for confidential communication officials.

As for the encryption technology Secusmart, it should be noted that it is already used by some governments, including Canada. And in June 2014 smartphone BlackBerry Q10 with encryption technology Secusmart was issued to German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel). This was done after it became known that the US National Security Agency tapped telephone conversations of leaders of allied countries, which include Germany.

SecuTablet will be available for order in the summer of 2015 cost of the tablet will be $ 2,380.

Source: PCworld

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