BlackBerry forced to cancel the launch of two smartphones ‘Café’ and ‘Kopi’

BlackBerry projects for the new year are emerging, the agreements with Foxconn require special attention to the mid-range and lower-middle market focused on the emerging countries where Android, iOS and Windows Phone are not yet well rooted. Not even the new CEO John Chen has hidden these intentions, one has to start from somewhere and the high end, did not make as hoped with Z1 and Q1 (the first results of Z30 know them soon), maybe it will be by the next two device ‘Ontario’ and ‘Windermereatte’ addressed to a business clientele.

The roadmap will soon take shape in 2014, but even before that happens publicly point out a few pieces that have already been lost in the street since the launch of two low-cost devices known as ‘Café’ and ‘Kopi’ seems to have been deleted. The resources are there yet but should be subject to quota and it is certainly not the time to fail on several fronts, in that case do not give rise to nothing but an acceleration of the crisis. The agreement with Foxconn would then convinced the leadership to abandon these devices in development and leave ‘everything’ in the hands of the Chinese house, we must first stabilize the accounts (perhaps by exploiting emerging countries) and then return to focus on the markets of North America and Europe.

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