Luxera SmartSwitch LED lighting kit for the “smart”

The use of LEDs instead of traditional bulbs, is spreading rapidly: the advantages are many, both from the point of view of efficiency (lower fuel consumption and high duration), both from the point of view of the features offered (control of ‘ light intensity, color temperature and so on). To propose a new kit is Luxera, with its SmartSwitch LEDs. The package includes light bulbs and LED bulbs in the SmartSwitch, which is nothing if not the device, to be installed on the wall, to adjust the intensity. The four LED bulbs have a consumption of 14W, with a ‘provision equivalent to that offered by a traditional 75W light bulb. Brightness is equal to 1010 lumens with a color temperature of 3000 ° Kelvin and a duration of more than 25,000 hours (22 years if you consider a daily usage of about 3 hours).

The maximum number of LED lamps used is 6 for each control unit. A turn up their noses, however, is compatibility, limited only to the lamps produced by Luxera. The switch can be used by rotating the adjusting knob, or via an ‘application for iOS devices, working through the integration of a module Bluetooth 4.0. In the latter case it becomes possible to control not only the intensity of illumination, but also program the operation (in relation to specific times of the day) or the on / off (for example, to simulate the presence of people inside the ‘home). Luxera allow using absolutely no flicker, no matter the level of lighting set. The cost of the kit is 199.95 dollars, and you can also buy the individual components separately.

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